Taking one step is enough

I started a new round of my signature series this year to coincide with the new year.

I always start and never really know where we’re going to end up so this is my marker in the sand of what I was intending so that I can come back and laugh at myself later!

It started when everything was spiralling and I was feeling more than usually overwhelmed in the run up to Christmas, my daughter’s birthday and all that COVID makes rubbish (COVID-crap if you will). An Oscar Wilde quote was running around my head and wouldn’t leave so I decided to spend a few days meditating on it.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”

During my morning meditation, I would sit and repeat the phrase in my mind a few times and then sit with the internal vibration. Through the day I’d then find that things on it bubbled up to the surface.

Before I get on to those. Allow me a back story. The reason why this phrase kept coming up is that I had gone into my loft to retrieve some notes from my teacher training back in 2013-14, looking for something else. Each day my teacher would put up a phrase to contemplate through the day. Towards the end, he wrote: be yourself.

I must own the fact at this point that I’m pretty annoying to have as a student.

During the break I went up and added the “everyone else is taken part”.

I know, annoying. Feel free to eye roll.

However, I think Oscar would have approved.

That said, it’s an important part. It’s an important part when we think of it in the context of the cannon of yoga. Particularly the Bhagavad Gita. You don’t? Oh, I guess that’s why I have a job!

Anyway, the Bhaghavad Gita teaches that it’s better to follow your own dharmic path than try and force yourself into someone else’s. I know, I have trouble with this too. How do I know what my dharmic path is and how do I know if I’m following it?

It’s a bit like love. You know when you know.

I would also add to this that we tend to think of our purpose as something like a job/career, a concrete activity that we undertake. This may be true, but I feel my dharma has more to do with who I want to be, how I show up for people and how I’m of service. The vehicle for those changes but the intention remains the same: ignite with love.

We’ll see where this six week takes us, but I’ve already proved my point. This blog has turned out differently than I was expecting.