Children’s yoga special series

I’ve recently taught an entire term of children’s yoga at two different schools, including a special series four of 90-minute classes.

With the pandemic and my own maternity leave it’s been a while since I’ve taught these classes and honestly, it’s been a learning curve to get back into them.

I’m always aiming for the classes I teach to be underpinned by a philosophy. When they aren’t, they feel unmoored and lacking in intention. With children, I feel like this is a high expectation to have. However, the skill is in the communication, in distilling something which is thousands of years old into a tangible form they understand. In any class it simply isn’t possible or desirable to work through my own thought processes. A yoga class is a living, breathing entity, a moment in time, never to be repeated. I do believe though, children are much more capable than something we give them credit for so I stand by my high expectations.

That said, I still want to put building blocks in place so that it’s possible to move a group from somewhere, to somewhere else. Children are balls of energy, full of investigation and creativity. The challenge is in harnessing this and planting a seed. Knowing that the seed with emerge in its own time.

In future musings I’ll go more deeply into the philosophy which underpins my children’s classes. For now, in each class I’m looking to:

  • See the individual, teach the group
  • Explore big emotions
  • Tap into children’s innate creativity and imagination
  • Teach them tools to help them relax

My children’s classes follow the school half terms and are six weeks each. This gives me time to build a picture in tangible ways. It also, importantly, gives me space in the holidays to review and refine this as I move into building this out during the academic year.