Start from 14 weeks

You can start your antenatal yoga journey with us anywhere from 14 weeks and continue as long as you wish, up to your baby’s birth.

We also provide regular birth preparation workshops for you and your birth partner and postnatal plans as you reset your body and adjust to life as a new mother.

Our teachers have received their antenatal training from the very best and our award winning programmes are right by your side with a range of tools and techniques to equip you.



Our antenatal classes are about supporting you at this life changing time.

We’re here to help you feel energised, toned and nurtured. More than that though, it’s about making incredible friends who’ll last a lifetime.


Our award winning programmes

Pregnancy yoga

In a typical pregnancy yoga class. You can expect:

  • Carefully adapted yoga poses, appropriate for your stage of pregnancy
  • Meditation and breathing techniques shown to assist in relaxation and pain management
  • Information and support as your body grows and changes
  • Tools and information to prepare you for labour, whichever form it takes
  • A community of local parents to support, share sleep deprivation stories and coffee!

At one source yoga, we pride ourselves on pregnancy yoga classes which keep you moving, feeling great and help you sleep better. More than this, however, is recognising that our mums need to be mothered. That means we’ve connected families before they were families who now share a common experience as their children start school and beyond.


Our classes are capped at 10 students to ensure individual attention.


Birth preparation

During your pregnancy yoga classes we cover a range of tools for your birth journey and teach you specific techniques. However, we appreciate that your baby’s birth is likely to be a partnership. Communication and preparation are key. We run two-hour workshops throughout the year to support this relationship as it moves into your parenting journey.

You can expect:

  • Finding and practicing the best birthing techniques for you
  • How to engage your senses during your birth
  • Understanding and articulating how your team can support you
  • Breathing practices to use throughout your birth
  • Meditation practices which bring you to the present and allow space for whatever unfolds
  • We run regular birth preparation workshops for you and your birth partner. This allows for you both to find and practice the tools you’ll need

Time out for you and your partner to gather ideas and tools for your birth.


Postnatal yoga workshops

It’s natural to want to reclaim your body after having a baby and we have some fantastic events throughout the year to help you do just that. These postnatal workshops cover what you need to know to safely regain your stability and close the body after being pregnant and giving birth. We believe that a few minutes every day is the most beneficial way to do this. And once you’ve been taught the techniques you’ll be able to spend a little time each day putting them into practice. Once you’re comfortable and confident within this sequence you’ll be able to start reintroducing your favourite activities at your own pace.