Our founder

Adele first started her yoga practice in London where she was a marketing manager for a global firm. She took advantage of all the styles of yoga that London has to offer before finding her home with a balance of refined alignment and playful flow.

Becoming an Anusara InspiredTM teacher in 2013 and EYT200 RYT500 teacher in 2014 she continues to grow and evolve as a teacher and practioner through her own teachers and students. She has trained with Birthlight’s antental training courses and completed training as a children’s yoga teacher.

Adele loves to bring everyone into their practice and empower them to heal themselves through their individual physical, mental and spiritual journey. Whilst she teaches many groups of students from pregnancy, children, teens and adults, including therapeutic yoga she believes in one source through forms of practice and yoga done with a clear intention and open heart is the most advanced form. You’ll find Adele’s teaching powerful, uplifting and always fun! She aims to meet you where you are on your journey, wherever that may be to continue the ride with love and care.

After teaching so many divergent groups, Adele recognised that whilst each may have a different physical focus or requirement: yoga is yoga. This meant pulling from the teachings of Tantric philosophy, applying it to her current life experience and interpreting it for her students, whoever they may be.

Adele’s qualifications include:


  • Senior yoga teacher, Yoga Alliance UK
  • 500YTT, Yoga Alliance US
  • Birthlight antenatal teacher training
  • BWY Children’s yoga teacher
  • Anusara inspired yoga teacher level

Our philosophy

One source yoga is grounded philosophically in tantra. Often misunderstood, tantra simply means a householder yoga, meaning everyone is invited.

Though we teach many different groups from pregnant women, children and adults our classes are designed with a common theme and intention in mind. This allows for each student to access the deeper meaning of yoga through their own lens and personal experience.

Tantra means to weave. In weaving the two components of warp and weft are woven together to form the material, and so, we weave all aspects of ourselves to create our life experience. Tan in tantra means intense (you can find it hidden in the pose “uttanasna”, intense forward fold), it’s the warp, the stable aspect. Tra or the weft is what is stretched over the warp. They are independent in and of themselves and yet reliant on each other. This is the fundamental paradox we so often find in yoga, the need for the stability of the biomechanics or body to create a stretch in the muscle and fascia.

We often find ourselves surfing this paradox during a yoga class. The yogis have a word for it: spanda. This means to pulse, the ebb and flow, to and fro that we often find ourselves navigatin in our lives. Although we may feel like yoga is about finding balance, the reality is that balance is a moment in time. You’ll rarely hold a standing balance pose for more than a minute or an arm balance pose for half. More often we’re moving in and out of poses, navigating and calibrating this natural beat.

This is why we meet you where you are. We pull from the well of yoga, the one source, the overarching principal. Yoga means to yoke, connect, to bring in all aspects of ourselves to truly be whole.


What to expect from a One Source Yoga class:

Deep understanding of alignment principals, mechanics and fascial lines

Teachers who meet you where you are and provide inspiration and motivation

An accessible approach to using the tools of yoga to better understand and contextualise your experience

Intelligent sequencing with space in-between, to provide instruction and variations

Working with a full range different yoga methods, to create an holistic experience

Our classes are light-hearted and aim to bring you peace of mind and time for you