Big Dog Little Dog

yoga with your child

We run holiday workshops throughout the school year for you and your child, 4-8 and 8-11 years old. Our Big Dog Little Dog workshops offer was a rebel’s cry for over scheduled and over stimulated children and the opportunity to reconnect with your child. It’s a great mix of caring and nurturing yoga and fun!

What to expect at a Big Dog Little Dog workshop:

  • A sequence to help you engage and bond with your child
  • Yoga to support developing bodies
  • Creative ways to play at yoga together
  • Ways to breathe and relax together
  • Dedicated time spent together

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Group classes

We run several different kinds of group classes throughout the week, click here for our weekly schedule.

Beginner’s series

We run six beginner’s yoga series throughout the year. This is because they’re the best way to get started if you’ve never tried yoga before and the best way to keep going if you have. Each series is designed specifically with the participants in mind and you’ll have the opportunity to work, play and grow together.

It also gives students a chance to do yoga in a safe environment. Everyone’s in the same boat as you progress together step by step. Not to mention that I love introducing people to yoga and sharing the practice which we’re so passionate about.

We break things down and focus on a couple of key points each week so you really get familiar with everything. Each week we build on the foundations so that you’re ready to join a drop-in class or come to the next course. Remember that yoga isn’t a competition, it’s not about who’s the best or worst it’s about feeling better and having some fun.

What to expect from our beginner’s series:

  • A fun group to share the practice with
  • A logical progression over six weeks
  • Intelligent sequencing to get the most out of your practice
  • Different options offered to suit your body
  • Options to continue after the final week

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Signature series

Five years in the making, our signature series dives deep into the different teaching and practices of yoga. Rather than a linear progression our signature series takes one of the key teachings and spins through a series of different lenses. On the basis that all of us learn in slightly different ways we use the myriad of practices available in yoga to access the practice in different ways. Throughout the six weeks you can expect:

  • An overarching teaching, broken down each week
  • Consistent physical alignment principals to ground your practice
  • Different entry points into peak poses to elevate your practice
  • A pranayama (breathing) and dyana (mediation) to work with for the duration
  • A mudra (hand gesture) and mantra (sacred sound) linked to the overarching teaching

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Group classes

We have several group classes run at a variety of venues.